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Dry skin face and legs: what is dry skin and how to treat it

We often feel skin that is tight, uncomfortable, visibly chapped, in these cases we speak of dry skin, but have you ever wondered what dry skin is and how to cure it? We at Dermacosmesi explain how to solve this problem and, with this article, reply to those who have written in private asking for advice and solutions for an annoying problem.

What is dry skin and why it forms

The epidermis, or skin, is made up of several layers; these contain water, and well-hydrated skin looks radiant and toned. When the superficial layer is dehydrated so there is no water, dry skin is present. From a scientific point of view, dry skin is deficient in skin lipids, which makes it thinner, more fragile and consequently more vulnerable to aggressive external agents, such as smog, ultraviolet rays, cold and excessive heat.

How to notice dry skin? These are the alarm bells that call your attention

How can you tell if your skin is dry? In most cases the skin pulls, it itches, with the naked eye you can see the flaking and so it is quite intuitive. Even to the touch, however, there are signs because the skin is rough, dry, with an irregular texture. The roughness of the skin is due to the presence of cells that die and remain on top of the skin forming a rough layer. This layer prevents the skin from breathing and performing its function of protecting, thermoregulating and purifying the body, as waste and toxins are lost through the skin.
Unmoisturised skin also slows down the cell regeneration process and consequently ages prematurely.

Preventing and treating dry skin on the face and legs: here are our tips

Preventing dry skin of the face and legs is very important, firstly when this condition occurs it is also evident that the lifestyle is not correct.

Try to drink plenty of water: purifying your kidneys will help you heal your skin

It is necessary to drink more, which leads to purifying the entire organism and helps the kidneys and liver to work better. Furthermore, preventing and treating dry skin also helps keep it young because dry skin accelerates the formation of wrinkles and facilitates the formation of sunspots.

Take care of your diet: vitamins, minerals and proteins make your skin more beautiful

The first thing to do is to take care of your diet, so drink plenty of water, eat fruit and vegetables to get your supply of vitamins, such as vitamins E and C, which are powerful antioxidants, minerals and proteins. It is also very important to stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid, which in turn preserves elastin and collagen, the former makes the skin elastic, the latter retains moisture in the skin. The production of hyaluronic acid is supported by foods rich in vitamin E, already mentioned, such as apricots, blueberries, melon, cauliflower, salmon mackerel, herring.


Avoid sun exposure without sun filters: UV rays dehydrate and dry out the skin

To avoid dry skin, it is also good to avoid exposure to the sun without sunscreens, as these excessively dry out the skin as well as creating further, even serious, damage to health. Sunscreen should also be used for the face in winter. The skin also tends to become dehydrated due to atmospheric conditions, e.g. cold temperatures, low humidity, wind, which is why the skin of the face and legs, which are often uncovered, is more exposed to this problem.


The moisturising power of snail slime in cosmetics: an excellent ally for radiant and moisturised skin

In addition to these little tricks that help keep the skin moisturised and healthy, for an immediate and shock action to moisturise the surface layers of the skin, and thus comfort, it is good to use moisturising creams for the body and face.
These must not, however, be simple creams containing water, but products capable of supplying the right amount of hyaluronic acid and collagen and stimulating their production. They must therefore be cosmetic products with a high nutrient content.

The regenerative power of snail slime in the service of the skin

Among the ingredients that cosmetics companies have discovered in recent years is snail slime: rich in active ingredients, natural and therefore at low risk of allergic reactions. The discovery of the properties of snail slime was almost accidental. In fact, a family that bred snails for food in Chile noticed that their hands were ageing less than other parts of the body. At that point they decided to have the snail slime analysed and the properties were discovered.
In Japan, snail slime has already been used for a long time, but the treatments are quite special. In fact, in extra-luxury spas, three snails
are placed on the face and release slime as they walk around. The treatment is considered relaxing, and pure and therefore highly concentrated snail slime is used.

Snail slime in cosmetics: filtered, purified and safe, rich in hyaluronic acid and collagen

Commercially available cosmetic products, on the other hand, use treated, filtered and purified slime that is therefore safe. What
makes this ingredient valuable for the skin because of its regenerating power is the formulation, in fact, it contains vitamin E which we have seen stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid which in turn helps to maintain high levels of collagen, a protein that retains water.
Not only that, snail slime in turn also contains hyaluronic acid and collagen, which means it moisturises immediately and helps the skin to stay hydrated for a long time thanks to the cell regeneration caused by the active ingredients it contains.

The benefits of snail slime in cosmetics

The benefits don’t end there because it contains glycolic acid, which helps eliminate bacteria and thus purifies the skin (particularly suitable for young, acne-prone skin) and lightens skin blemishes. Allontoin, on the other hand, has soothing properties and promotes healing. Elastin makes the skin elastic, in combination all these elements also help to reduce stretch marks on the skin and eliminate newly formed ones.

Snail slime products: face cream, body cream and serum

There are many cosmetic formulations based on snail slime available today, but they can be divided into three categories: face cream, body cream and serum.

Snail slime face cream: the right formulation enables make-up

The face cream has a particularly gentle and light formulation so that it is easily absorbed and allows make-up to be applied. This can be enriched with a UV protection factor.

Snail slime body and leg cream to reduce stretch marks

The body formulation designed especially for the legs is easily absorbed so that you can get dressed straight away and gives the skin deep hydration and corrects various imperfections such as stretch marks.

Snail slime serum

Finally, there is the serum. This is a particularly concentrated formulation because the creamy base is removed. Because of this, the serum has a high moisturising power and only a few drops are needed for amazing results.

Skin properly moisturised with snail slime products immediately appears firmer, even-toned, does not pull and does not itch.

Have you ever used snail slime for your face and body? What benefits have you experienced?
Write it in the comments!

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