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I am Claudia Cipollone, a licensed preparatory pharmacist specializing in cosmetology

Dermacosmetics is my project, my dream in the drawer. After years of study and hard work, I thought I would do something good for you, pamper you and take care of your skin with the ingredients that Mother Nature kindly offers.
On my website, you will find my tips for having exceptional, glowing, fresh skin and last but not least, I have researched and created products that will really pamper you. An unparalleled cosmetic line because it is totally natural with a BIO GREEN ORGANIC INCI WITHOUT SLS, SILICONES AND PARABENES.

Snail slime and hyaluronic acid cosmetics: cream, cleansing milk and serum

I have studied, formulated and prepared for you:

The importance of snail slime and hyaluronic acid

Snail slime, hyaluronic acid and the gentleness of Mother Nature are the best ingredients I have used for the health of your skin.

My cosmetics have green organic INCI

My cosmetics all have green INCI. What does that mean.
I don’t use silicones, parabens, petrolatum, allergens, basically I don’t use anything that is not natural.
Women and men who use cosmetics deserve so much more than just a supermarket, non-crafted product.
By reading and scrolling through the INCI, with numerous apps on the market, you can immediately verify what I am saying.
In our preparation, next to the main ingredients such as snail slime and hyaluronic acid, you will find precious natural essential oils (oryza sativa, helianthus annuus, calendula officinalis, rosa moschata, persea gratissima).These will make your skin moisturized and fresh.

Snail slime cosmetics

As you might have guessed, snail slime is my main ingredient, the principle I use most in the preparation of our cosmetics.
My snails are free-range and checked daily by professional heliculturists.
They live in boundless land and cultivated with the vegetables they like best.
The fields are guarded by watchful cats, ready to catch field mice, the greatest threat to our snails.

Snail slime with cruelty-free extraction

I can personally guarantee you that the selected farms I source from extract this healthy, natural ingredient in a cruelty-free manner.
Snail slime is extracted by gravity, without subjecting the animals to stress and danger, with special patented machines that allow its extraction without killing our cute gastropods.
Snail slime is a fantastic ingredient for your skin. It will give you exceptional, supple, glowing, beautiful, plumped skin without the signs of aging, acne scars and those pesky black spots.

Want some advice? Pamper your skin more

I really want to give you some advice: take some time, just the right amount of time to relax and pamper your skin with Dermacosmetics.
Shop in my shop, use my products and most importantly, leave us a review!

claudia cipopllone


Need a beauty tip for your skin?

Just write to me via one of the many forms on our website or via email, or better yet, via whatsapp (Mon – Fri 9:30 am – 1 pm).
I respond to everyone, within 24 hours, if I am not busy in front of the Pharmacy counter with customers.

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