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White spots on the skin: causes, cures and remedies

During the summer, particularly as a result of tanning, it is not uncommon to notice the annoying presence of white spots on the skin. This is a more common ailment than one might think, and it is unsightly, but one should not despair. There can be several causes of the appearance of white spots, just as there can be several remedies to get rid of one.
By understanding the causes, it will be easy to find cures and remedies to make the skin beautiful and healthy again.



Why white spots appear on the skin
There can be several reasons why white spots appear on the body, and it does not matter whether the individual is young or old.
Let’s find out together!

One of the most common skin disorders that manifests itself with the appearance of white patches especially on the chest, back and both upper and lower limbs is tinea, also known as pityriasis versicolor.
The incidence seems to be particularly high among younger people due to sweating caused by hormonal changes.
The spots make their appearance in summer or autumn.
Better to be reassured immediately. It
is a disease of the epidermis that is not at all risky, not contagious and whose only symptom is these unsightly spots.

Use antimycotic drugs and find out how to apply them to the skin Tinea versicolor
is a fungus and therefore requires specific treatment such as antimycotic drugs (terbinafine or miconazole) that regress the infection.
An alternative to be considered are selenium sulphide products. They should be applied in the evening on the areas of the skin where white spots are present so that they act overnight and then rinsed off thoroughly in the morning.

Aloe vera
Grandma’s remedy uses natural elements such as aloe vera. This again involves a local application of the gel extracted from this plant to the affected areas, leave it on for a few hours and then rinse off.
If after undergoing these treatments for 2 to 4 weeks you do not see a visible improvement, then it is advisable to consult your doctor.

Linked to the immune system A
somewhat more serious dermatological disease in which this type of symptomatology is present is vitiligo. It is, in fact, a disorder linked to the immune system, i.e. the body attacks the melanocytes, the cells that form the melanin pigment that has the task of ‘colouring’ the skin.
In the case of vitiligo, however, the spots have very specific characteristics: they are uneven in shape and size and appear everywhere; they cause neither pain nor itching but are particularly conspicuous.

There is no definitive cure
Since it has a genetic component and is an autoimmune disease, there are no treatments that eradicate it definitively.
However, repigmentation through immunomodulatory drugs
can be attempted.

Aloe, mustard and turmeric
To soften vitiligo spots, one can rub compounds again based on aloe vera, mustard essential oils and turmeric. It is
good to remember that not all skin spots are vitiligo, so do not immediately assume the worst and rely on self-diagnosis.
If you suspect you have vitiligo, a visit to a dermatologist will dispel any doubts.

Vitamin deficiency causes skin spots to appear
The skin is a bit like the litmus test of our psychophysical well-being. Therefore, if we follow a diet deficient in vitamins, white spots may appear on the skin. Just take a blood test to find out what your body is lacking. Deficiency in calcium and vitamins D and E often manifests itself precisely in the form of white spots on the skin.
If you already have a suspicion that you are not eating a sufficiently healthy diet low in milk, vegetables and fruit, then you should immediately try to change your eating habits.
Eating well, in a balanced way, is good for the entire organism and thus also for the skin. The amount of water one drinks should not be underestimated; the more the body is cleansed of toxins, the brighter the skin will be.
If for various reasons it is difficult to maintain a regular diet, then it is possible to resort to the help of food supplements. There are many on the market specifically for improving skin health.


Snail slime against white spots on the skin
The prodigious beneficial properties of Helix Aspersa Muller snail slime have, for some years now, been recognised the world over.
The slime is indispensable for the snail not to dehydrate its tissues and also to crawl on vertical surfaces, so it is by nature a moisturising, lubricating and sticky substance.
Components of snail slime
Precisely the mucus, the sticky substance secreted by this little animal, is composed of vitamins, elastin, collagen, mucopolysaccharides and glycolic acid.
These components have multiple healing actions for the skin: they are exfoliating, purifying, healing, protective and soothing.
How snail slime works
Snail slime, precisely because of its composition, can boast the property of stimulating the skin’s vital functions and thus eliminating spots and signs of acne, stretch marks and scars.
The results of university tests speak for themselves: by regularly using skin creams and serums containing 80% snail slime, visible improvements of up to 40% can be achieved.
In Peru, it has been used for decades precisely because of its healing properties.
It is therefore a good choice to opt for a snail slime face cream, not least because of its ability to combat free radicals on the one hand and skin signs on the other.
Before choosing a snail slime face cream, it is good to acquire some product-specific information, such as how the snails are bred. In fact, the slime is of higher quality if the snails take in larger quantities of amino acids.
To guarantee the validity of the cream and serum you are about to buy, you should check that they are concentrated, i.e. that they contain no less than 80% pure Helix Aspersa Muller
snail slime.

My advice

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So if you have noticed spots on your skin, you can start using our Dermacosmesi snail slime cream and already after the first week of application you can see results.
This advice applies to both light and dark spots caused by ageing skin.
Eat well, drink plenty of water and stay away from smoking and alcohol. Also, if you expose yourself to the sun, never do so without protection. As for
any cream intended for your skin, always check the INCI, because often an excessively cheap product may contain Silicones and Parabens, to save on the amount of active ingredient.
By following these little tricks you will see that your skin will be more beautiful and radiant than ever and we would like to remind you that all our cosmetics have a Green Organic Inci, with cruelty free slime extraction. If you would like to know more about OUR LUMACA BERRY SKIN FRIENDLY PRODUCTS, I recommend you take a tour of our store.

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