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Blackheads or Comedones: what they are, why they arise, remedies and treatments

How many times has it happened while looking in the mirror to notice unsightly blackheads? Since this is a very common problem it has happened to practically everyone, but these can be kept under control with the use of specific cosmetics that help eliminate impurities and regulate sebum production.

Now I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Comedones, the scientific name for blackheads: what they are, why they arise, and the remedies you can use to treat and eliminate blackheads


Blackheads are skin impurities
Blackheads or Comedones are skin impurities that accumulate in areas particularly rich in sebaceous glands such as the nose, cheeks, forehead and back.
The skin regenerates every day, which leads to the formation of dead cells. These clog the pores causing an accumulation of bacteria. Such occlusion leads to the formation of blackheads, the classic red-colored pimple, a symptom of inflammation, which then evolves to white, and blackheads.

Pimples and blackheads go hand in hand
Usually these two phenomena walk hand in hand, that is, both pimples and blackheads are present. The coloration of blackheads is due to the fact that they affect open pores and as a result there is a process of oxidation that results in the formation of the classic black cap; it is also partly due to the production of melanin.
As a result, the skin takes on a dull, dull, lackluster appearance. It is not always easy to cover blackheads with make-up and anyway although, they are not a direct result of poor hygiene, they always give the feeling of dirt as the skin looks greasy. Here’s why to fight them efficiently.


Why blackheads form on the skin
If you know the causes of blackhead formation, you also identify the cure for Comedones.
To understand how to effectively combat this blemish, it is necessary to know its causes.
Our skin is an important thermoregulation system and helps eliminate waste and toxins through the pores and hair follicles.

First cause of blackheads

However, the skin also produces sebum, a substance that is supposed to protect the skin.With adolescence and the typical hormonal surges of this period, production increases both in males due to testosterone and in women although to a lesser extent quantitatively.
The increase in sebum often leads to occlusion of the skin pores, and it is precisely this that causes the formation of blackheads.

Women are the most affected

Women because of the constant changes in hormone levels due to the various phases of the menstrual cycle and pregnancies tend to have this problem for long periods, or rather have to learn to live with it.
Hormonal changes, however, are not the only cause of blackhead formation.
The hormonal storms that women are more prone to pushes the skin to produce sebum.

Factors that most affect the formation of blackheads
Other factors also contribute to the formation of blackheads:

  • excess stress leads to increased sebum production, excessive sweating can lead to the expulsion of substances such as toxins and waste that occlude the pores.
  • environmental pollution: it creates an invisible but present patina on the skin and goes to limit the skin’s respiration.
  • Poor hygiene, or rather unsuitable hygiene for the area of the body affected by blackheads and pimples, or the use of creams and other cosmetics that are particularly oily and greasy, can contribute to the formation of this blemish. Finally, certain medications, such as steroids, are also causes of the formation of unsightly blackheads.

Once you understand the causes of blackhead formation, you can move on to remedies to treat and eradicate blackheads.


How to fight blackheads
One of the most common bad habits among those with blackheads is to use harsh soaps and cleansers in order to combat excessive sebum production. These are not recommended because they interfere with the skin’s normal protective barrier and make it excessively dry, to the point of cracking and pulling.

How to cleanse the skin with the right products

It is definitely important to take care of proper cleansing by using products that can deep clean, remove waste, dead cells and thus help the skin to breathe properly, also these must be products that can regularize sebum production.

Once a perfect cleansing has been performed, which is also useful to eliminate traces of make-up that can clog the skin pores, one can move on to hydration, which must be taken care of even in oily skin.
In order for blackheads to be combated, a highly concentrated serum or moisturizer must be used.

It becomes essential to choose the right cosmetic to thoroughly clean the facial skin and at the same time moisturize it because the dermis that is dirty and full of impurities promotes the rapid formation of blackheads.


Best to use natural cosmetics with green Bio INCI.

If you have delicate facial skin and love to care for your beauty and appearance with the best products, I suggest you do what I’m about to tell you: always check the INCI of every cosmetic you use, use natural products or cosmetics without parabens and silicones. Try to nourish and moisturize your skin with “nature” products: mother nature has always offered us exceptional natural remedies, incredibly powerful ingredients that solve almost immediately all our beauty problems.

How to cleanse facial skin
How to cleanse facial skin

Cosmetics based on snail slime
Snail slime-based cosmetics are on the market today, these are also particularly effective in fighting blackheads. Snail slime is nothing more than the gelatinous secretion that we can all notice when we see a snail. The same is extracted by cruelty-free methods, that is, without the need to harm the animal, which, after releasing the slime, quietly continues its life.
The properties of this precious ingredient have been known for a long time, to the point that there are, especially in the Middle East, beauty centers that offer clients a real wellness and beauty course with snails resting on the face and releasing the slime. For a daily treatment there are, on the other hand, snail slime cosmetics.
Why is this ingredient so valuable in the presence of blackheads?
There are several reasons, in fact snail slime has high potential and is able to effectively combat several blemishes. First of all, it is rich in glycolic acid: an important sebum-regulator that goes to work directly on the main cause of the formation of blackheads and comedones.
Snail slime also contains purifying peptides that prevent the proliferation of bacteria and the subsequent formation of pimples.
Due to the presence of vitamin A and vitamin E, powerful antioxidants, the skin is nourished and there is a stimulation of the cell regeneration process.

Collagen and elastin, on the other hand, contribute to good skin hydration.
The healing properties help the skin to regenerate and prevent scarring due to the presence of acne. Finally, it has soothing properties due to the presence of allontoin, which is precisely why it is useful in all cases in which it is necessary to relieve itching due to the inflammation of blackheads that are usually present when you have blackheads.
Obviously, to have the desired effects, it is necessary to use high quality products with a good percentage of snail slime. In addition, cosmetics can be enriched with hyaluronic acid, a substance that is normally present in the human body, although over time the production wanes, and that helps to keep the skin hydrated, smooth and smooth.


The most commonly used products: here are the useful tools for eliminating blackheads (or Comedones)

There are many natural products available on the market that take advantage of naturally occurring active ingredients in order to work on blackheads.
I advise you to always take a careful look at the INCI: you have to prefer products without silicones and parabens, SLES and SLS.

I advise you to choose for products with natural active ingredients and green Inci! In our products, we use, for example, Snail Slime and Hyaluronic Acid that have a concrete effectiveness on the problem of blackheads in a radical and immediate way.

Snail slime is a natural remedy for blackhead blemish

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