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Dark circles and bags under the eyes: causes and remedies for a perfect face

An ugly purple circle under the eyes, puffiness and immediately the eyes look tired and aged. These are bags and dark circles, the sworn enemies of women. Let’s learn how to treat them.


The causes of the formation of puffiness and dark circles

Dark circles under the eyes are the classic purple circle that forms under the eyes especially when one is very tired and gets little sleep. They form mainly with the passage of time, but increasingly also in young girls who have a stressful lifestyle characterised by poor rest, a lot of stress, perhaps insomnia, many hours at the PC. The situation is also aggravated by excessive exposure to the sun, sunlamps, bad eating habits to which genetic factors are added.

Stress, poor rest and poor diet cause bags under the eyes and dark circles under the eyes

These elements contribute to aggravating the situation as they cause a thinning of the skin, particularly that around the eyes, which is already thinner and more delicate by nature. The purplish colour, on the other hand, is due to a slowing of the micro-circulation in this delicate area, to the stagnation of liquids and to an over-production of melanin.

Bags under the eyes are due to a build-up of lipids and fat and consequent thinning of the skin around the eyes

Puffiness is a further problem and is characterised by a bulge under the eyes due to an accumulation of fluid and fat. The situation is aggravated by a genetic predisposition and the passing of the years with the consequent weakening of the muscular bands in the area. In fact, bags under the eyes are often due to a displacement of the fat that supports the eye, the normal loss of skin elasticity with the passage of years worsens the effect. Smoking also contributes to the formation. As well as being due to the normal ageing process, puffiness can also be caused by other pathologies, e.g. it is common in people suffering from thyroid dysfunction, conjunctivitis, liver problems.

How to avoid the formation of puffiness and dark circles: quick remedies for the beauty of your skin and your eyes

The beauty of this area is obviously important because a bright look speaks for itself, which is why there is so much attention paid to it.

Hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water: your skin will look brighter

To avoid the appearance of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, it is a good idea to encourage proper hydration of the skin with a constant consumption of water.

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Sleep at least 7-8 hours a night with a good pillow: your skin will be relaxed and soothed

Good habits include sleeping at least 7-8 hours a night, so it is best to avoid the early hours, and for a good quality of sleep there are relaxing herbal teas. To improve decongestion of the area, it is recommended to sleep with the head elevated and therefore with a good pillow.

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Decongest the eye contour area with ice packs or camomile tea

For an immediate decongestant effect, ice or camomile compresses can be used, while for concealing dark circles under the eyes, a skilful use of concealer is important.

Remedies to improve the skin around your eyes: use the right cosmetics for your skin and face

In addition to immediate remedies that help to achieve a youthful and relaxed look, the use of appropriate cosmetic products is also very important.

Remedies to improve the skin around your eyes: light tricks and thorough skin cleansing

Firstly, it is essential in the evening to remove all traces of make-up so that the skin around the eyes can breathe. For those with delicate skin, the advice is to avoid using heavy make-up on a daily basis and to prefer gentle make-up removers at least for the eye area.

Remedies to improve the skin around your eyes: massage the eye contour area gently to promote micro-circulation

Secondly, it is important to encourage micro-circulation in this area with a massage from the inside of the eye outwards. Obviously the massage should be gentle, done with the fingertips of the hands. This will provide immediate relief.

Nourishing the skin to make it supple and moisturised: use the right cosmetics for your skin

For this very delicate and thin-skinned area, it is important to use the right cosmetic products. It is preferable to use gel or serum formulations, and not to use cream solutions containing oils and fats because they would occlude the pores of this delicate area.

The snail slime contained in cosmetics has a high moisturising and regenerating power

Among the ingredients of cosmetics for dark circles and bags to look out for is snail slime, which has a formulation that gently regenerates and moisturises the skin in this area.

What is snail slime

Snails produce this gel because it enables them to move more easily, as it allows them to move on smooth surfaces without slipping and at the same time to slide well on rough surfaces, such as tree bark or walls. The slime
also has the function of quickly healing small wounds that snails may get in their movements.

Active ingredients of snail slime: what they are and what they are used for

The active ingredients in which it is rich enable effective results against these imperfections. Among the active ingredients is elastin, which improves the elasticity of the skin and consequently succeeds in limiting the effects of orbital fat displacement mentioned earlier, thus preventing the formation of puffiness.
It contains glycolic acid, which prevents skin ageing by stimulating tissue regeneration. Glycolic acid also helps to lighten the skin around the eyes. Thanks to the soothing properties of allontoin, it soothes the inflammation that leads to the formation of dark circles. The
presence of vitamin E, an important antioxidant, helps stimulate cell regeneration. The benefits do not end there, because snail slime is also rich in collagen, which plumps up the tissues and consequently prevents further thinning of the skin around the eyes. After using snail slime, the skin is regenerated, more elastic and moisturised, which is why more and more people are looking for cosmetics containing it.

Snail slime serum for the eye contour: use snail slime serum instead of cream if you want the following benefits

There are serum solutions on the market specifically for the eye contour area. Only a few drops of serum, to be used morning and evening, are needed to be effective. The light texture favours rapid absorption. Applied with a gentle circular massage, from the inside outwards, it promotes micro-circulation and prevents the stagnation of liquids that contributes to the formation of puffiness and bags.

A serum with a light texture: particularly suitable for solving the problem of puffiness and dark circles around the eyes

The light texture is particularly suitable for this thin-skinned area and also allows make-up to be applied afterwards. In a few minutes you will have a regenerated and youthful look.

Shopping advice: the word of a pharmacist and cosmetologist

It doesn’t take much to take care of yourself and be more charming and beautiful. In this article, we have given you some small tricks to follow in order to say goodbye to bags under the eyes, the only bags that a woman in step with the times can do without.

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