What is snail slime and what are the benefits associated with using snail slime?

In our BIO GREEN INCI cosmetics you will find only snail slime and hyaluronic acid because
you will not find the abuse and use of silicones, parabens and Sls in our formulation.

Snail slime, more commonly snail slime, is a product whose characteristics have been recognized and appreciated since ancient times.

Snail Slime in Antiquity

Pliny the Elder extols its virtues in his Naturalis Historia, promoting its efficacy as a sovereign remedy to treat the pain of burns, abscesses and other wounds.
In recent tradition, the elderly, especially in rural areas, used to swallow live snails to counteract the effects of stomach aches; not surprisingly, in recent times, pharmacies, para-pharmacies and herbalist shops, have on their shelves, snail slime syrup.

The beneficial properties of snail slime

From the benefits observed on the skin of Chilean workers, studies were conducted to verify the chemical and microbiological composition of snail slime.
Since 1959, the chemical composition of snail slime has been clarified and defined by scientists, and the presence of amino acids and other components have been highlighted, including:

glutamic acid
Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B6
Alloantoin and bioactive peptides.

Collagen and elastin are fundamental elements in the preparation of cosmetic products.
Mucopolysaccharides, with their lattice-like structure, swell upon contact with the water in the snail’s mucus, forming a gel (hydrogel) capable of developing a moisturizing function, supporting skin tissues.

In addition, the hydrogel has other properties:

Adhesive: they retain elastin and collagen in the slime
Filmogenic: they form a protective layer (film) on the skin in a natural way, deeply moisturizing the dermis and forming a real protective barrier for the skin, towards all the external atmospheric agents we are exposed to (wind, low temperatures, pollution);
Anti-irritative: they eliminate redness and abrasions from the skin

Snail slime has an important function in healing and regenerating skin tissue: all your wounds, cuts, abrasions are healed naturally by snail slime.

Snail breeding and snail slime extraction

Obtaining snail slime is relatively simple: the snail secretes this mucus in the locomotion phase, out of stress, as a defense tool, while producing the calcareous slime plug to seal itself inside the shell (the epiphragma).

Our farms are organic and respect nature’s ways and times.

The snails are grazed all day long, fed fresh vegetables and greens, sheltered from rodents by the many cats that guard the fields, and our heliculturists do everything to make the lives of these cute gastropods as comfortable as possible.

We source only from farms that extract snail slime in a cruelty-free way without stressing the snails. In fact, our slime, from laboratory studies, is pure because no techniques or methods are used that make these living things feel in constant danger.

Patented machines are used by our partners that allow snail slime extraction in a way that is absolutely painless for the snails.

We would like to point out that the snail slime we use for Dermacosmetics cosmetics is collected by dropping it into suitable containers until ideal conditions are maintained. It is then stored in a place with a constant temperature and is not exposed to any kind of temperature change.

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