Moisturizing and anti-aging creams for face and décolleté care are the ideal ally for smooth, radiant and supple skin. If you want to ensure timeless beauty, it is essential to choose a high quality cream, to be used consistently, both for day and night. Through circular movements, massaging the skin gently and carefully, you will allow your moisturizer to act in depth: the results will be visible immediately and day after day your face will regain its natural radiance, as well as benefit from an intense antioxidant action. Your skin will thank you: it will feel more soothed, fresh and relaxed. It will also appear with a more even complexion, as if regenerated: signs of fatigue will be reduced, as well as small skin imperfections, and a protective barrier against external agents will be created. In addition, you will be able to ensure that the skin is properly prepared to receive daily make-up, with a smooth and polished base. Thanks to its intense yet smooth texture, the moisturizing face cream helps reduce collagen loss and exerts an effective protective and detoxifying action, giving your face new volume and increased firmness. We offer you moisturizing and anti-aging creams with snail slime and hyaluronic acid, from 45.00 euros, with fast delivery. These are reliable and high quality products with BIO GREEN INCI. Thanks to the experience of Dr. Claudia Cipollone, a pharmacist specializing in cosmetology, it has been possible to make face and décolleté care creams with an absolutely natural and healthy composition, without allergens, parabens and silicones. Our moisturizing creams, suitable for all skin types, are waiting for you to enable you to cope with your daily beauty and moisturizing routine in the best possible way.

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    Helisyr Optima Anti-Aging Hydrating Cream with Snail Slime

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    Moisturizing and anti-aging snail slime cream, the ideal ally for perfect, smooth, supple and healthy skin.
    Suitable for day and night.
    Allergen-free fragrance, free of parabens and silicones.

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