Cleansing milk represents an essential cosmetic for each woman, capable of ensuring the perfect cleansing of the face day after day. That is why it is important to choose a natural product with high qualities and components, so as to preserve the natural hydrolipid film of the skin, with its essential protective action. In addition to removing makeup and impurities that may accumulate on the skin during the day, cleansing milk performs a real beauty task: it makes the skin more radiant, healthy and firm. It can also exert a good nourishing and soothing action, as well as ensuring greater skin tolerability. Its creamy texture makes it pleasant and easy to apply, with numerous benefits for all areas treated. Our cleansing milks and makeup removers for facial care and cleansing are available from 25.00 euros, with fast delivery. So you can try the snail slime and hyaluronic acid formulations with INCI GREEN BIO: their soft and creamy texture gently cleanses, removing all impurities and make-up residues. Thanks to the components in each product, with the addition of precious plant oils, the milk leaves the skin cleansed moisturized and supple. Dr. Claudia Cipollone has dedicated the utmost care and attention to obtain the best mix of ingredients for our cleansing milks proposals: in this way, they show themselves perfect even for the most delicate and sensitive skin, thanks to the absence of parabens, silicones and allergens. You can confidently try the product best suited to your needs, in the security of choosing a solution that not only guarantees you the best aesthetic result, but at the same time allows you to take care of your skin in a healthy and effective way.

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    Cleaning milks

    Helisyr Lāc: Cleansing Milk with Snail Slime and Hyaluronic Acid.

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    Helisyr Lāc is an exceptional cleansing milk because it gently and deeply cleanses your skin.
    Paraben- and silicone-free with allergen-free “Sea Breeze” fragrance.
    The product is suitable for sensitive and delicate skin.
    250 ml

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